Welcome to Warriors Tribe!

Nestled in the heart of Ohio, Warriors Tribe is not just a business; it's a living testament to the enduring legacy of martial arts, historical warfare, and survival skills. Founded by Patrick, known in the martial arts community as "The Tribal Warrior," our brand is a beacon for enthusiasts of tactical gear, historical weaponry, and survival products.


At Warriors Tribe, our mission transcends the mere selling of products. We are dedicated to preserving the rich history of martial arts and warfare while integrating the practicality of modern tactics. Our meticulously curated merchandise is not just equipment; it's a part of a larger narrative that celebrates strength, wisdom, and resilience.

Our Products and Content 

We offer an exclusive range of tactical gear, historical weapons, and survival products, each selected with the highest standards of quality and authenticity. But our commitment doesn't end here. Through "The Tribal Warrior" social media channels, Patrick shares his expertise in MMA, tactical training, and sword fighting, offering both entertainment and education to our community. 

 Additionally, our Warriors Tribe business channels are a treasure trove of knowledge, featuring documentaries based on historical narratives and product-focused videos, all crafted with Patrick's artistic touch in editing, music, and digital art.


Patrick Chitwood

At Warriors Tribe, founded by Patrick "The Tribal Warrior," our mission is to ignite the spirit of discipline, strength, and personal empowerment within individuals across the globe. We are dedicated to resurrecting the time-honored virtues of the warrior's path, intertwining the artistry of historical martial arts with the practicality of modern-day survival and tactical training.  

Our vision extends beyond providing high-quality gear and educational content; we aim to revolutionize the way men and women perceive their own potential, fostering a community where resilience and wisdom are paramount. Through meticulous research and a profound respect for historical accuracy, we strive to reintroduce authentic historical fighting techniques, military structures, and the rich tapestry of warrior cultures into modern media and film. 

Warriors Tribe is more than a brand; it's a movement. A movement that champions the transformative power of martial arts and survival skills to shape stronger, more disciplined individuals. A movement that values the authenticity of historical narratives and seeks to preserve their integrity in every story we tell. Join us in our mission to empower, educate, and inspire, as we bring the true essence of the warrior's journey into the lives of people around the world.

Our Founder: Patrick - The Tribal Warrior 

Patrick, the driving force behind Warriors Tribe, embodies passion, artistic talent, and a profound mastery of martial arts. As "The Tribal Warrior," his diverse background—highlighted by art scholarships and enriched by extensive travels in China and Vietnam—brings a unique perspective to the realms of tactical training, historical combat, and survival skills. His experiences abroad deepen the cultural and historical authenticity that Warriors Tribe stands for. 

In his practice of modern tactics, historical sword fighting, and MMA, Patrick is not just a practitioner but a mentor, dedicated to sharing his knowledge and fostering a community of like-minded individuals. His artistic prowess, recognized in drawing, pottery, and painting, seamlessly integrates into the Warriors Tribe brand, enhancing the aesthetic and depth of the products and content. 

Warriors Tribe offers an authentic collection of tactical gear, historical weapons, and survival products, each carefully selected and vetted by Patrick. His commitment to quality and historical relevance is evident in every item, ensuring that customers receive not just a product, but a piece of tradition and excellence. His skill in digital content creation—spanning video editing, music composition, and digital art—further elevates the brand, making it a hub for engaging, educational, and community-driven content. 

Patrick's vision for Warriors Tribe is about more than running a successful business; it's about nurturing a legacy. "The Tribal Warrior" is a symbol of strength, resilience, and a deep respect for the warrior ethos, present in every aspect of the brand. Join Patrick in this journey, where every product, piece of content, and community interaction is a step towards honoring the past, embracing the present, and inspiring the future.

Being a part of Warriors Tribe means more than just being a customer; it means joining a community of like-minded individuals who value heritage, embrace resilience, and pursue excellence. Every purchase, every view, and every interaction is a step towards preserving the traditions of the past while forging the innovations of the future. Whether you're here to equip yourself with the finest tactical gear, immerse yourself in the depth of martial arts, or simply to be a part of a community that shares your passion, we welcome you.